mercredi 8 avril 2020

Internet connection et @mail - Traduction en anglais

Dear Parents,

Every day, we offer activities on the school blog: "".

In addition, @ -mail addresses have been created for each of the classes from M3 to P6.

As a reminder, here are the addresses of the @ mail-class mailboxes:

M3      Mme Alyssa et Mme Marjorie :                                            

P1        Mesdames Magali et Céline :                                                  

P2        Mesdames Lauranne, Maïlys et Karima :                            

P3        Mesdames Elodie et Amélie V:                                               

P4        Messieurs Kevin et Cédric:                                                       

P5        Madame Zoé et Monsieur Corentin:                                   

P6        Mesdames Geneviève et Myriam:                                        
It is through this address that your children receive proposals for specific activities.
It is also thanks to it that you can communicate with the holders
We are well aware that this generates costs for the Internet connection, especially if you have to go through 4G.
PROXIMUS and VOO offer a FREE connection until 30/06/2020 to each family who requests it.
Just contact the school.
We will do the legwork for you and explain how to do it.
If you are interested, you can:
·       Send an email to your child's teacher by @ classmail
·       Call the school's mobile phone on 0467 / 06.37.94. If you do not have an answer, please leave a message.
Courage to all.
We continue to be by your side.
For the whole educational team,
JFK Tshidimba

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